How to Choose the Best Most Comfortable Air Mattress


A good tent camping air mattress will give you a great night’s sleep when tent camping in a rocky or uneven campsite. Taking a camping air mattress on a tent camping trip is like taking a piece of home with you. The little pleasure of a nice fluffy soft air mattress to put your head on at night can bring a whole new meaning to tent camping.


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Tent Camping Air Mattress Sizes and Options

Camping air mattresses come in most common bed sizes. Sizes start with a childs camping air mattress and go up to the king size camping air mattress. They are also available with inflatable headrest for pillows and come in stacked air mattress design or in a single mattress style. Keep in mind that the taller the air mattress the easier it will be to get into and out of the bed.

Camping Air Mattress Air Pressure

Just like the expensive air beds you may have seen at the mall or on TV, the camping air mattress air pressure is adjustable. If you like a firm bed you simply increase the air pressure when inflating your camping air mattress. If you like your beds softer inflate your camping air mattress to a nice soft pressure. When inflating your camping air mattress do not over inflate to where you are forcing air into your mattress. This could stretch the air mattress material and damage it.

Tent Camping Air Mattress Air Pumps

When choosing a camping air mattress, consider how big your lungs are. It takes a lot of air to fill a camping air mattress and blowing one up yourself would take a lot out of you. Luckily there are air mattress air pumps to save you from the extra work. If you have power available at your camping site you can use an electric air mattress air pump. These do not cost much more than a manual air mattress air pump. The most convenient camping air mattresses have the electric air pump built into it and will reverse to pump the air back out to deflate for storage.

What to Expect from Your Air Mattress

Before using your camping air mattress open it up to air out. The camping air mattress will have a strong vinyl or rubber odor for a few days. Like most inflatable items there is a break in time during which the camping air mattress will expand and stretch out. This will cause it to look like it is low on air. Do not jump to the conclusion that your air mattress is leaking. Depending on temperature, the amount of weight on it, and other factors the break in time for your camping air mattress could take a few days of usage.

Storing Your Camping Air Mattress

When folded and stored correctly a queen or twin sized camping air mattress should only take up around two square foot area. On a tent camping trip considering the packing space, it is well worth taking your inflatable bed. Many sizes of air mattress are too heavy to be used during hiking trips and are not recommended for backpacks. Before storing your camping air mattress take time to clean and dry it. This will protect your camping air mattress from rot and will be clean for your next use.

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