Latrines and Portable Camping Showers


Does a camper go in the woods? While tent camping, one of the most difficult thing to do is find a comfortable place to use as a latrine. Looking around you find a large tree, score!! No one is around, you think. O no, you have no paper, those leaves over there look questionable but what else do you have to use? If you have not prepared correctly for your tent camping trip you could end up in a situation like this. The way to prevent this from happening is to be prepared with a good camping latrine.


When Digging Your Latrine
Portable Camping Latrines And Supplies

The best place to dig a latrine is away from natural water sources and downwind from yours and any other neighboring camps. A latrine should be dug approximately 12cm wide, 12cm long, and 6cm to 8cm deep. A fairly short distance should be set between your latrine and your camp about 50 to 100 feet is recommended to avoid odors. When digging your latrine take along a folding camping shovel, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. Make sure and scope out the area before dark to ensure an area safe of dangerous plants, animals, and insects. Markers can be placed in your latrine to show the latrine area.

Portable Toilet

If driving to your campsite or more populated areas, extra items can be taken to ensure privacy and sanitary conditions for your camping latrine. With no digging required. Small privacy shelters can be set up to house a portable toilet. Portable toilets are a blessing while tent camping and can make the trip a whole lot more comfortable. Special biodegradable portable toilet bags can be taken for your portable toilet. These portable toilet bags can be buried or thrown away and will break down rapidly in the soil.

Latrine Supplies

A good biodegradable toilet paper should be taken on your tent camping venture to help keep the environment safe. It should be kept in an air tight reusable container like a zip lock bag. Once your toilet paper gets wet it is no use to anyone. A small bottle of hand cleanser should be kept handy, not only for bathroom breaks, but the outdoors can be a dirty place. Paper towels should be stored in the same fashion as the toilet paper in a larger container. Hikers should take special precaution in this area while being so far away from replacement paper.

Camping Shower

Depending on availability of water, a camping shower can be set up. This also helps the environment. Bathing outside of natural water sources keeps contaminations like soaps from hurting the area. Again a privacy shelter can be used to house your portable shower. These should be set up away from natural water sources. Make sure not to set up your portable shower to close to your camping equipment or camping tents to keep them dry.  If you have both a portable shower and a portable toilet the same shelter can be moved to accommodate both.

Helpful Camping Kits

Before you venture to your tent camping site, look into different toiletry kits. There are travel kits for cleaning your teeth, hair, shaving, rest room, and soaps. These kits usually come in their own travel containers and will help you to stay organized while on the move. When you are organized there is less of a chance of losing an important item or having to dig into your pack and cluttering everything else up. These items can really improve your time while using camping latrines and portable showers.



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