Best Cold Weather Tents


Cold weather tents or four season tents are specifically made for extreme cold weather conditions. Finding the best cold weather tent for you can be done easily by knowing and understanding the different ways that four season tents are rated.


Great Cold Weather Tents
Four Season Tent Specifications

Four season tents are specifically made for extreme cold weather. Some are layered with different tent fabrics to keep out the rain, snow, and wind. Four season tents usually have little ventilation and can be uncomfortable to use during warmer conditions. Extra waterproofing can be added with tent fabric treatments. When looking for the best cold weather camping tent several tent specifications should be looked into:

Person size or base size – The number of occupants a tent will sleep. Keep in mind this is the number of full sized adults that will fit in close quarters. This excludes room for camping supplies and storage.

Season – Tents are rated at three or four season. Four season will be used in extreme cold weather. Three season is used in normal and hot camping conditions.

Weight – Total packed weight including all tent hardware should be looked into especially when hiking or backpacking.

Packed size – The amount of space needed to store a fully packed tent including all hardware.

Preparing for Extreme Tent Camping

With any camping tent it is best to set up your four season tent before you go camping. This way you will know if any hardware is missing, you can check for imperfections in the materials, and get a little practice setting up before you get to your campsite. This is also a good time to add your waterproofing treatment to your tent and to make sure your protective floor tarp will fit correctly.

Materials Used in Four Season Camping Tents

When looking for a four season camping tent choosing one made of the right materials is very important. There are several different tent materials available. Depending on what climate and time of year you will be tent camping in will help you decide which tent fabric to choose.

Man made fabrics like polyethylene are more waterproof but do not breath well and are not very flexible. Polyethylene will keep the cold air out better making it warmer inside. This will make it more difficult to fold your four season camping tent for storage.

Nylon and polyester on the other hand are very durable and more flexible but is not naturally waterproof unless water sealed with a treatment. Nylon and polyester are also very light, breaths well, and will not rot. Polyester has an added benefit over nylon in that it is more resistant to sunlight “ultraviolet light” damage. This will help your four season camping tent to last longer when exposed frequently to direct sunlight.

Caring For Your Four Season Camping Tent

Like any of your other tent camping equipment you want your four season camping tent to last as long as possible. Using a tarp under your four season camping tent will protect the bottom from sharp objects and help keep it dry. You should treat your four season camping tent with a waterproofing sealer, keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible, and dry your four season camping tent well before putting it up for storage. This will help to keep your four season camping tent in good shape for years to come.

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