How do I Pick the Best Dome Camping Tent


Dome camping tents are repeatedly preferred over other camping tents due to the durability in stormy climates. They are very well designed and are light weight. When choosing a dome camping tent you will decide on the size, fabric, tent rating, and which options you need.



Best Value Dome Tents
Dome Camping Tent Sizing

There are several sizes you can choose from when finding your
dome tent. Dome camping tents start at one man tents and go up to around twelve man camping tents. Be careful when choosing your size, the floors are generally square shaped in dome camping tents and a two man tent may not be comfortable for two adults. Make sure and check the length and width of your tent before selecting it. You may end up sleeping corner to corner if you don’t.

Dome Tent Features and Options

One of the main features of a dome camping tent is its shape. The way the frame is made pulls the fabric tight into a dome shape. This is a very sturdy design and will hold up well to high winds, snow, and rain. The tent poles are generally made from fiberglass or aluminum which also helps the tent to stay lighter. If you will be camping in the summer time you will want plenty of air flow. Extra ventilation is available in mesh windows and larger mesh doors. If power is available at your campsites you might want the optional power ports.

Dome Camping Tent Materials

While you are picking a
dome tent choosing one with the right materials is very important. There are several different materials available and depending on what climate and time of year you will be tent camping in will help you decide which tent fabric to choose.

Man made fabrics like polyethylene are more waterproof but do not breath and are not very flexible. This will make it more difficult to fold and store your dome camping tent. Nylon and polyester on the other hand are very durable and more flexible but is not naturally waterproof unless water sealed with a treatment. Nylon and polyester are also very light, breaths well, and will not rot. Polyester has an added benefit over nylon in that it is more resistant to sunlight “ultraviolet light” damage. This will help your dome camping tent to last longer when exposed frequently to direct sunlight.

Dome Camping Tent Care

Like any of your other tent camping equipment you want your
dome tent to last as long as possible. Treating your dome camping tent with a waterproofing sealer, keeping it out of direct sunlight as much as possible, and drying your dome camping tent well before putting it up for storage will help to keep it in good shape for years to come.

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